Bill Format and Definitions

Front of Bill:

1. Customer name and mailing address: The name and mailing address for the person responsible for the account. The mailing address and service address may be different.

2. Bill date: The date your bill was prepared.

3. Account number: Your New Mexico Gas Company account number.

4. Service address: The address of the property where natural gas service is provided. This may be different from the mailing address.

5. Pay by date/Payment due date: The calendar date your bill is due, shown as the “pay no later than” date. Payment must be received on or before this date to avoid late fees or service disconnection.

6. Message area: Features news, updates and special information.


Back of bill:

The back of your bill includes a detailed breakdown of your charges. Here is an explanation of the terms used:

7. Therm: The measure of heating value equal to 100,000 British thermal units (Btus) used in the cost of gas and cost of service calculations.

8. Cost of gas: The price New Mexico Gas Company pays for your gas each month, which is passed through to you with no profit.

9. Surcharge: An approved miscellaneous refund or fee.

10. Weather Adjustment: A credit or fee that adjusts a customer's bill based on whether the winter months are warmer (a fee is imposed) or colder (credit is provided) than the average over a 10-year period.

11. Distribution and transmission fees: Covers costs of transporting and distributing natural gas to cities and towns as well as operations and maintenance costs.

12. Access fee: Reflects the basic monthly costs of operating and maintaining gas pipelines and the costs of meter reading and billing services.

13. Energy efficiency fee: Covers the cost of energy efficiency programs, which offer rebates on energy efficient products and services.

14. Pipeline safety fee: A fee imposed by the State of New Mexico to fund the Pipeline Safety Bureau.

15. Franchise fee: A fee imposed by cities for the use of public rights-of-way to bring natural gas service to homes and businesses.

16. Estimate for next month’s gas: The estimate of your next month’s gas bill based on the estimated cost of gas and your usage the previous year.

17. Usage graph: Reflects your gas used this month, this month last year and last month as well as average gas usage per day (in both therms and cost).

If your bill or gas usage is considerably higher or lower than normal or expected, or you have any questions about your bill, please feel free to contact us at 888-NM-GAS-CO (888-664-2726) and our Customer Service Representatives will help examine your account and, if necessary, our service technicians will investigate your gas service.