Landlord Standby

New Mexico Gas Company offers a service to landlords that gives them the option of continuing uninterrupted natural gas service to their rental properties between tenants. Under the Landlord Standby Agreement, after a tenant has moved out and service in the tenant’s name is discontinued, New Mexico Gas Company will provide a final bill to the tenant, then continue to provide service to the property under the landlord’s name automatically. 

This contractual agreement allows natural gas service to continue while a rental property is unoccupied. The standby service saves the landlord from having to request a transfer to their name and paying connection fees every time a tenant moves out. Before a landlord may receive this service and enter into the Landlord Standby Agreement, the landlord’s account must be current and all outstanding bills paid in full. For this Agreement to remain in effect, all bills accrued while service is in the landlord’s name must be paid in full by the due date. 

A pdf copy of the Landlord Standby Agreement form is available here.

Landlord Standby Agreements for each town or region are managed at the local New Mexico Gas Company business office. Completed forms may be dropped off at the New Mexico Gas Company business office closest to you. Or, you mail or fax them to: 

New Mexico Gas Company
P.O. Box 97500 
Albuquerque, NM 87199-7500
FAX: (505) 697-4494

Landlord Standby Agreement Conditions

  • The landlord owns the property or is the recognized representative (see Management Companies or Agents below) for the rental property owner.
  • The agreement is effective within five business days of the application being received by New Mexico Gas Company. 
  • Each rental unit must be separately metered.
  • The landlord is not responsible for the tenant’s bill. Each tenant is responsible for service in his/her rental unit.
  • The landlord will be responsible for all gas bills until a new tenant requests service in their name.
  • The Agreement for all rental units is subject to termination if a landlord fails to pay billed charges in the landlord’s name by the due dates. 
  • The landlord cannot request to disconnect service while it is in a tenant’s name.
  • Service in the landlord’s name will not be disconnected unless the landlord or authorized representative requests it.
  • A landlord can force a new tenant to put service in their own name with a written Force Off service request. The action allows the landlord to have the service disconnected without terminating the agreement.
  • Should a tenant’s natural gas service be disconnected for nonpayment and the tenant vacate the rental property, the landlord may request service be reconnected in the landlord’s name but will be required to pay connection fees. 
  • The tenant may sign an Information Disclosure form which allows the landlord to be notified if service is to be disconnected.

Terminating the Agreement

If the property is sold and the new owner places service in their name, the existing agreement with the previous owner will not automatically end. The previous owner/landlord must request, in writing, that the agreement be terminated, unless the new owner signs a Landlord Standby agreement. To terminate the Agreement, New Mexico Gas Company must be notified, in writing, at least three business days prior to termination date. A copy of the Landlord Standby Termination Form to submit to New Mexico Gas Company is available here. New Mexico Gas Company may terminate the Agreement with three business days written notice to the landlord or authorized representative. In the event the Agreement is terminated, the landlord is still obligated to pay for services rendered on and prior to termination.

Management companies or agents

A management company, manager or agent may be recognized solely as an authorized representative for a rental property owner if they submit to New Mexico Gas Company an Authorization of Third Party form and a copy of a legally-binding agreement between the manager and the property owner. A copy of the Authorization of Third Party form is available here.

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