In Your Community

At New Mexico Gas Company, we believe in supporting programs, organizations and initiatives that improve the communities where we live and work. Through impact investments and hands on volunteering, our team is passionate about making a difference in our community - That's Why We're Here. Our key focus areas are:

Fueling Futures

New Mexico Gas Company's Fueling Futures program empowers the next generation and fosters sustainable development. Through strategic partnerships with local schools and youth organizations, the Fueling Futures program provides opportunities for young people to access education, develop skills and find the support needed to prepare them for a successful future. We believe investing in our youth helps fuel a better future for all of us. 

Ignite Wellbeing

New Mexico Gas Company is committed to the wellbeing of the communities we serve. Through our Ignite Wellbeing program, we support organizations and programs that make a positive impact in the lives of our customers and community members. We are proud to support initiatives that help communities thrive and flourish. 

Emera's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Fund

Along with our other Emera companies, we believe in the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion. Within each of these strategic focus areas, we consider opportunities through a lens of diversity, equity and inclusion. Recognizing the important value this lens adds, Emera and its operating companies launched the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Fund in February 2021. Through this fund, we will collectively invest a minimum of $5 million over five years to support organizations and initatives advancing inclusion and diversity in our communities. To date, we have invested more than $3 million across our operating regions. This fund is reflective of Emera's journey towards an inclusive and diverse culture, supported by active inclusion and diverse employee networks across the organization. 


For more information on our community investment program or to request funding, please contact State and Community Relations Coordinator, Clair Anderson at (505) 252- 4338 or via email,